Bob Smith Industries Maxi-Cure

Bob Smith Industries Maxi-Cure / Insta-Set Combo Pack




Cure time





  • Small and portable
  • Very thick glue formula
  • Sets almost instantly


  • Might dry up quickly in storage


Physical state: Liquid
Color: Colorless,Transparent
Odor: Sharp, Irritating
Odor threshold: 1 -2 ppm
Vapor pressure: < 0.2mm hg
Boiling point/range: > 149 °C (>300.2°F)
Specific gravity: 1.05
Vapor density: Approximately 3
Flashpoint: 80 -93 °C(176°F-199.4 °F) Tagliabue closed cup
Auto-ignition temperature: 485 °C (905°F)
Solubility in water: Polymerizesin presence of water
VOC content: < 2%;< 20 g/l(CaliforniaSCAQMD Method 316B) (Estimated)
Viscosity: 1800-2100cps

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This super glue and accelerator combo pack are ideal for on-the-go toolboxes. It is small with just three ounces of product in each, so this set is very easy to carry around.
The glue itself has a thick formula, so you will not need to use too much at once. A thin layer will suffice and it will set in a minute or less. You can use it to bond a number of different surfaces like metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, leather, wood, and rubber. It can also work for other surfaces but you may need to use thicker layers.
As for the accelerator, it is actually compatible with most super glues even if they are made by different brands. It is also compatible with almost any surface you can think of. The insta-set accelerator is completely foam safe, and it also dries almost immediately. Take note that this is a flammable product so you can take some necessary precautions.
The fact that these products set within a few seconds or a few minutes can sometimes be a disadvantage. You might make a mistake or accidentally glue your fingers together. It’s best if you use gloves during your project in order to avoid this.


What surfaces is this incompatible with?

This will not bond to silicone and gemstones.

What do I do if I get this on my fingers?

Try removing the product from your skin using acetone and warm water. Gently scrub it off with a towel.

Can this be used for heavy-duty projects?

It has a thick formula but it is mostly used for basic indoor and outdoor use.

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