Best Rust Converter – Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the best rust converter? Maybe you’ve heard about rust converters like Evapo-Rust ER012, VHT SP229, Krud Kutter RX32, Rust-Oleum, Corroseal, or Rust Bullet?

Best Rust Converter: Quick Peek

Editor's Choice
For Truck Frame
Rust Converter Spray
Prevents Future Rust
Rust Killer Spray
MRO Chem Black Star Rust Converter - Converts Rust on Any Steel...
Corroseal Water-Based Rust Converter Metal Primer, Rust Converter...
GEMPLER’S Eco-Friendly RCQ Rust Converter and Primer All-in-One...
Bondo Mar-Hyde One-Step Rust Converter Primer Sealer Tools...
Rustzilla Rust Converter and Rust Remover, Professional Strength...
VHT SP229 Rust Convertor Can - 10.25 oz.
Comes in volumes of one gallon. Works quickly. Avoids the need for labor-intensive processes to remove rust. Provides a protective coating to prevent rust from forming again.
Acts fast, meaning the surface can be repainted or sealed even sooner. Comes as a water-based formula, meaning it can be cleaned away with just soap and water.
Created to be eco-friendly. Stretches to 125 square feet worth of use. Very little goes a long way per application.
Comes in an easy-to-use. Can be sprayed into hard-to-reach areas with ease. Can be used in many applications.
Works with any type of metal. 30 Days Money-back. Leaves behind an easy-to-paint surface.
Sprays on clear and turns to a black metal. Prevent future rust from forming. Sands to a smooth, even finish.
Editor's Choice
MRO Chem Black Star Rust Converter - Converts Rust on Any Steel...
Comes in volumes of one gallon. Works quickly. Avoids the need for labor-intensive processes to remove rust. Provides a protective coating to prevent rust from forming again.
For Truck Frame
Corroseal Water-Based Rust Converter Metal Primer, Rust Converter...
Acts fast, meaning the surface can be repainted or sealed even sooner. Comes as a water-based formula, meaning it can be cleaned away with just soap and water.
GEMPLER’S Eco-Friendly RCQ Rust Converter and Primer All-in-One...
Created to be eco-friendly. Stretches to 125 square feet worth of use. Very little goes a long way per application.
Rust Converter Spray
Bondo Mar-Hyde One-Step Rust Converter Primer Sealer Tools...
Comes in an easy-to-use. Can be sprayed into hard-to-reach areas with ease. Can be used in many applications.
Prevents Future Rust
Rustzilla Rust Converter and Rust Remover, Professional Strength...
Works with any type of metal. 30 Days Money-back. Leaves behind an easy-to-paint surface.
Rust Killer Spray
VHT SP229 Rust Convertor Can - 10.25 oz.
Sprays on clear and turns to a black metal. Prevent future rust from forming. Sands to a smooth, even finish.

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How does rust converter work?

This liquid primer is water-based and contains two active ingredients. The first ingredient, tannic acid, reacts with the rust to transform it into iron tannate. The second ingredient, 2-Butoxyethanol, works to provide a protective layer after the tannic acid has performed its job.

best rust converter

There are many options out therefor rust converters. Deciding on which one to go with can be a rather confusing task. However, there are a few options worth considering.

1. Black Star – Editor’s Choice Rust Converter

MRO Chem Black Star Rust Converter - Converts Rust on Any Steel...
  • Black Star Rust Converter –...
  • Won’t Re-Rust – After...

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Coverage: approximately 400-500 square feet.
The surface will start to turn Black 20 Minutes after applying BlackStar.
Black Star works equally well on the flat, or angled surfaces as well as nuts, bolts, screws, welded seams, and tools.

MRO Chem produces Black Star Rust Converter. It uses 21st technology to convert rust into a slick resin coating made of polymers. With this product, a person does not need to perform any sanding or sandblasting. Scraping and etching are also virtually a thing of the past according to MRO Chem. The rust conversion process happens rather quickly with even the hardest corrosion.

You can use this rust converter either as an initial attack on rust, or it can be used as the final step for the sake of providing a final coat that proves to be durable. MRO Chem also claims their product will not cause re-rusting to happen. At the same time, it can also work in harsh weather conditions. Black Star Rust Converter will stick to rust with ease and continue the conversion process despite rain or snow.

Highly Recommended

This product has been tested in many instances to provide support for its power. Oil Rig workers in the North Sea have used this product for years on their equipment, and much the same can be said for farmers who live and work in the Heartland. You can use it on any material made of metal, including fences, roofs, sheds, grain bins, automobiles, marinas, buildings, and more. Whether these products are exposed to the elements or simply a corrosive material, MRO Chem claims Black Star Rust Converter will perform the task at hand with ease. Also, we can say it is one of the best rust converters for a car.

Shipping prices for this product vary based on rates provided by UPS. Therefore, people who live in the continental United States are likely to not pay as much for shipping as people living in Alaska or Hawaii would. In most cases, customers living in the continental United States will receive free shipping.

Covers up to 500 sq ft

One gallon of this product covers a large area. More specifically, it can cover between 400 and 500 square feet. While the color you can see in pictures for the product online might not be exact with the product that you will receive, such a thing does not affect the product’s ability to cut rust.

This rust converter will change rust into a black substance that you can mostly wipe away. However, the remaining metal left behind is covered in a black substance that prevents rust from reoccurring. You can paint this black metal to match any color you please.


  • Comes in volumes of one gallon
  • Works quickly
  • Avoids the need for labor-intensive processes to remove rust
  • Provides a protective coating to prevent rust from forming again
  • Free shipping to the continental 48 states
  • Possesses a rather strong smell
  • Requires gloves

Video Review

2. Corroseal 82331 – Water-Based Rust Treatment

Corroseal Water-Based Rust Converter Metal Primer, Rust Converter...
  • Paint, prime and convert rust...
  • Restore metal surfaces, extend...

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Coverage: 200-250 square feet / gallon
Non-Flammable & Non-Corrosive
Easy to apply using a brush, roll, or sprayer
Easy to clean up with water and soap

Corroseal’s 82331 Rust Converter comes in several sizes. You can purchase it in size as small as one quart, or in excess up to five gallons. All of these size options prove to be helpful based on the amount of rust converter needed to complete rust removal jobs at hand. People who have smaller, one-time jobs that need to be done might find interest in purchasing the one-quart size. However, for people who work on farms or in automotive repair might find it more cost-effective to go with five-gallon purchases at a time. It is important to note, though, that a little bit of Corroseal’s product goes a very long way.

Rust Converter for Truck Frame

After this product has been applied to a rusted surface, it leaves behind a primed surface that is suitable for painting. You can apply any paint on top of this surface, and it should not rust a second time. Also, rust will not continue to spread to other areas from the original spot that has been treated, so in many instances, you can use this rust converter only one time.

Unlike other rust treatment products, only a small amount needs to be applied for optimal effectiveness. As a matter of fact, only eight to ten milliliters will cover between 200 and 260 square feet per gallon of coverage. You can apply this product with a paintbrush, a paint roller, or a spray gun. Picking which instrument to use depends on the area that you covering or how many items you will work with.


  • Can be applied with multiple instruments, depending on the density and volume of the area being covered
  • Acts fast, meaning the surface can be repainted or sealed even sooner
  • Comes as a water-based formula, meaning it can be cleaned away with just soap and water
  • Performs tasks without being flammable
  • Can be applied in marine, automotive, industrial, or household situations
  • Can pose a hazard due to inhalation when sprayed onto surfaces
  • Requires at least gloves and long sleeves to be worn during application
  • Takes three days to come off of skin if misapplied completely
To prevent inhaling the product (if you choose the spray option) – use the proper face mask! Inhaling the product or allowing it to touch skin can be dangerous. Both types of exposure need to be handled with immediately, and a doctor’s care should be sought as soon as possible.

Can You Spray Corroseal With a Garden Sprayer or a Spray Bottle?

3. VHT SP229 Rust Convertor Can – Rust Killer Spray

VHT SP229 Rust Convertor Can - 10.25 oz.
  • Rust convertor is a unique...
  • Sprays on clear and turns to a...

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Application Method: Spraying
Stops rust immediately
Ideal for autobody use

VHT offers an aerosol form of their VHT SP229 Rust Convertor. This product comes in a 10.25-ounce can that eliminates the need for a sprayer tool when applying a rust converter. The goal of this spray is to remove rust with even coverage. Once more, VHT’s product eliminates the need to do any sanding or blasting to rusted surfaces before treatment can be applied.

Ready for paint over rust

As with all of the products that have been examined thus far, this aerosol spray will prepare a surface for painting and prevent more rust from occurring. Even before paint is applied, sanding and sandblasting do not need to occur. Once this spray has been used, the rust will convert into a solid surface. This surface will likely be dark brown or black, so the paint being used will have to cover such tints. Lighter colors might have to be applied twice for the best effect.

This product can act as either a primer or a final coat in the application. Other products that can be applied to this surface once the conversion process has been completed include solvents and epoxies. They will not tarnish or eat away at the surface left behind with the conversion process. Urethanes are also an option for the final cover-up and application over this rust converter. Before any of these products are applied, though, the surface needs to be given time to dry and set after the rust converter has been used.

There are some concerns about shipping the aerosol can, so some states and countries will not allow it to be sent through the mail. The reasoning behind this thought process is that aerosol cans do not handle pressure or jostling easily. A can that is treated unkindly can leak or explode under extreme circumstances.

Rust Converter Reviews

Many businesses and entities use VHT products. Some businesses include ranches and farms, where equipment fights exposure to the elements and corrosive substances like pesticides and gasoline. The United States Navy and oil rig companies make use of this product on their ships and rigs to give them a renewed, longer life. Other applications for this aerosol spray include automobiles, trailers, metal roofs, metal sheds, and metal barns. Also, farmers can use VHT products on their grain bins without fear of the product harming their animals. In short, there are thousands of applications for this rust converter.

The only real downside to this product happens to lie in its size. Only 10.25 ounces come in the can, so it might not be enough of substance to cover larger projects. For people looking to take care of a little rust in spaces throughout their home or business, they might find an attraction to this aerosol can.

  • Comes in an easy-to-use spray can
  • Can be used in many applications
  • Prevent future rust from forming
  • Can be applied to rust areas in hard-to-reach places
  • Shipping rules can be rather strict due to the aerosol can storage being used for the product

4. Eco-Friendly Rust Converter: Gempler’s RCQ

GEMPLER’S Eco-Friendly RCQ Rust Converter and Primer All-in-One...

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Coverage: up to 125 sq. ft.
Time-tested & field-proven
Easy cleanup water-based formula
No sandblasting, heavy scraping, or grinding necessary
Nine-month shelf life

Gempler’s RCQ Rust Converter claims to be the only eco-friendly product on the market for this product and related cleaners. At the same time, it performs the rust converting process on any metal surface with ease. Even antique investments will not be harmed from this product’s processes. It can be used on everything from shop tools to vehicles and tanks.

This rust restorer works similarly to other items that have already been detailed above. It will turn rust into a black barrier with inert qualities. Rust will not spread out from this surface once rust treatment has been applied. Additionally, it works both as a rust converter and a primer. Hence, any paint or substance can be applied to the surface afterward. Matching colors might be a task because covering the black surface left behind by the rust converter might need a few coats for opaqueness to be achieved. Oil-based paints work best on this surface, and they can be applied as soon as 48-hours after the rust converter’s application.


In order to apply this product, any loose rust should be removed from the surface in preparation for application. At the same time, layers of scale can also be removed. Then, Gempler’s rust converter can be applied to the prepared surface with either a paintbrush or a soft sponge. A single quart of Gempler’s converter can cover up to 125 square feet, so only a little bit of the product needs to be applied to a small surface.

At current, this product only comes in a one-quart size. Therefore, if larger projects need to be done, more of this product will need to be purchased. As mentioned previously, a little bit of this product does go a long way. If only odd and end jobs need to be done around the house or a farm, then one quart of this product will last for some time. Larger businesses and entities might need to consider buying this product in larger quantities from the manufacturer, though.

ECO-friendly converter

Gempler’s product has been created and tested to be eco-friendly. The bottle can be recycled, and the product inside is water-based. Hence, it will not cause harm to the environment in any way. If it becomes exposed to skin, it can easily be removed with soap and water. Some customers claim experiences where a resin forms on the skin, but it can be removed with ease in a few days.

  • Created to be eco-friendly
  • Stretches to 125 square feet worth of use
  • Very little goes a long way per application
  • Only comes in one-quart bottles
  • Requires some prep work before the application can be made

5. Rust Converter Spray: One Step® Primer Sealer

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Converts rust permanently
Works on tightly bonded rust
Prevents new rust
Water-based latex

Rust Converter Spray: One Step® Primer Sealer comes in a can as well. As with Black Star’s model, it can be used to spray at rust from any angle. Once more, some prep should be performed to rust areas that are scaled or loose. A wire brush can be used to complete this task with little effort.

Once the rust has been smoothed out with the brush, then this rust converter can be sprayed onto the surface. As with previous models, it will leave behind a dark brown or black surface that has been sealed to prevent more rust from forming. This statement goes for rust either under the sealer or around the sealer. Therefore, the application needs to go outside of the rusted area by about an inch to make sure rust will not form along the edge of the sealer.

48 hours

Once the rust converter primer has dried, which will take about 48-hours, paint and other materials can be applied. Depending on the color of paint being used, more than one coat must be applied. As with previous rust converters, an oil-based paint works the best. Water-based paints might not agree with this rust converter as it is made of water-based materials as well.

Depending on the amount of prep work done beforehand, the sealed surface left behind might need to be sanded smooth. It will not create a smooth surface of the rust beneath it is not already descaled. It will, however, eat through layers of rust and leave behind a sealed surface.

Any Surfaces

This rust converter can be used on many metal surfaces. Anything from automobiles to sheet metal can be restored using this product. Because it comes in a spray can, though, a face mask should be used to prevent inhalation of fine particles that might become airborne during the application process. Some customers report that it must be used in a well-ventilated area as the smell can be rather noxious. Otherwise, they claim it works just as well as, if not better than, most rust converters on the market.

  • Comes in an easy-to-use can that takes away the guesswork of how much product to use
  • Can be sprayed into hard-to-reach areas with ease
  • Can be used in many applications
  • Prep must be performed for a smooth surface to be gained
  • Sanding might need to be performed afterward for a smooth surface before painting

6. For Any Type Of Metal: Rustzilla

Rustzilla Rust Converter and Rust Remover, Professional Strength...
  • EASY TO USE - Simple...

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Coverage: up to 24 square feet
Durable, permanent coating
Very safe to use
Thin coating
Inexpensively rescue costly items

Many people are forced to discard items wasting money which are rusty or repaint them spending time and money. To overcome this problem, Rustzilla was developed which is one of the most effective products available for the removal of rust. Unlike other products which have to be applied only after cleaning the rust from the surface, removing all the rust is not necessary, since Rustzilla is a liquid which penetrates the rusted surface. Depending on the area which is rusted, the buyer can purchase different quantities ranging from 8 oz cans to 32 oz. A special Marine-grade Rustzilla is also available for marine applications

Easy To Use

Increasingly consumers and businesses are preferring to use Rustzilla since it is easy to use. It will convert the existing rust into a polymeric coating that protects the surface. The chemicals in Rustzilla are converting the iron oxide or rust into a Ferro-organic black colored coating whose molecules incorporate the iron oxide of the rust. The complex matrix is latex-like and resists any oxidation in the future.

Unique Formula

Unlike other products that have to be applied only after cleaning the surface thoroughly, Rustzilla can be applied even without cleaning, because of its unique formula. Rustzilla is an acid-based liquid so it can spread through the rusted surface and area quickly. In some cases the parts may get rusted and joined, and when the liquid is applied these parts will separate. While the coating is usually applied using a paintbrush or paint roller, it is also possible to dip the rusted item in the solution. The liquid solution can be also sprayed on the rusted surface.


After applying Rustzilla solution the rusted surface or object should be allowed to dry. If the coating is properly formed the surface will become black since the Ferro-organic coating is formed. In some cases, the solution should be applied again till it becomes black and glossy. Since the coating is semi-mono molecular and thin Rustzilla can also be applied to moving parts of the machinery or vehicles. One gallon of Rustzilla can cover an area of 384 square feet. Compared to other products for rust protection, Rustzilla is cheaper. It is also safe to use. In addition to treating rusted surfaces, Rustzilla can be also used to protect surfaces that are likely to get rusted in the future.
  • Removes rust and forms a protective coating on the surface
  • Easy to apply, multiple options available
  • Durable and inexpensive
  • Black color coating formed

7. Non-toxic Rust Converter: Evapo-Rust The Original Super Safe Rust Remover

Evapo-Rust The Original Super Safe Rust Remover, Water-Based,...
  • One Gallon Rust Remover is...
  • Non-toxic, Biodegradable,...

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Removes up to 268 gr of dry rust
Removes even heavy rust completely to bare metal
Safe on skin
No fumes or bad odors

Evaro-Rust provides an environmentally-safe water-based product that removes rust in minutes. Additionally, there is little to no chance of bubbling or foaming occurring during the breakdown process.

Therefore, a great deal of sanding does not need to be performed after application before the paint can be applied. As with all of the other products looked at so far, a water-based paint should be avoided since the product is water-based, too.

Safe product

For the sake of safety, this product is non-toxic and non-flammable. Since it does not come in an aerosol can form, it will sit comfortably in storage areas that do not keep comfortable temperatures, such as a garage or a shed. Since this product does not contain any hazardous chemicals, it is also safe for the environment. Most of this statement is true because of the product’s water-based nature.

One of the more attractive features of this rust converter is the fact it will not cause bleed-through staining on surfaces surrounding the rust being treated. Therefore, coats of paint surrounding the area will not be disturbed as part of the conversion process. Such a quality makes this rust converter perfect for use on automobiles of various colors.

  • Can be used on any metal surface
  • Composed of organic materials
  • Environmentally safe
  • A little bit of this product goes a long way
  • Can be used on any part of a car, including brake lines
  • Easy to clean with just soap and water
  • Needs to be used in a well-ventilated area due to noxious fumes
  • A little prep needs to be done beforehand, and some sanding might need to be done after application and drying

Buyer’s Guide

The key to finding the right rust converter is to look for one that provides the least amount of harm to the person using it. For example, the aerosol can option might be a hazard to breathing during application due to small particles. Therefore, those products that go on with a paintbrush or a sponge are often the safer option.

All of these rust converters perform the same task: turning iron oxide (rust) into an inert form that will not continue to grow. However, some of them do it without needing to perform any prep or post-application sanding or blasting. Black Star is one such brand.
One thing to be aware of is how much of this product will need to be used before projects are finished. A little bit of this product does go a long way, but businesses and entities that encounter a lot of rust, such as the United States Navy or car dealerships, might want to consider purchasing this product in larger quantities. Only one or two brands offer larger sizes, but most of them are just large enough to handle things around the house.
Probably one of the most attractive aftereffects of this product is the fact it will not allow rust to spread further. Corroseal and Gempler’s perform this task the best. Gempler’s product is also eco-friendly, so it might be the better of two choices for the long haul.

Frequently Asked Questions on Rust Converter

Can I Paint Over Rust Converter?

Yes, you can paint over the rust converter. Most rust converters take about 24-48 hours to cure and turn rust into its inert form (iron tannate); hence you need to wait as long before painting on the surface. Moreover, it is advisable to apply epoxy or oil-based paints over the converter, especially if the metal surface is exposed to adverse weather such as rain or salt mist.
Remember to apply about two coats of paint; avoid overcoating with water paints or those containing hot solvents such as xylene.

How Does Rust Converter Work?

Rust converters have two active ingredients- tannic acid and 2-Butoxyethanol, an organic polymer. The tannic acid, which is an alcohol soluble product, reacts with rust (iron oxide) to form a dark-colored inert substance (iron tannate).
On the other hand, the organic polymer reacts with this dark substance forming a polymeric coating that provides a perfect base prime that you can paint on. Products such as the Black Star Rust Converter converts rust into a slick resin coating to ensure there is no re-rusting.
This is one of the significant differences between rust converters and rust removers. Unlike removers, the rust converter reacts with the rust converting it to a substance that you can paint and prevent any further corrosion.

How to Remove Rust Converter?

The ease of rust converter removal varies from one product to the other depending on the active ingredient. For instance, in water-based rust converters such as the Corroseal 82331, you just need some soap and water to clean them. However, rust converters made of a phosphoric acid base are a bit difficult to remove when they stain your clothing.

How Long Does Rust Converter Last?

Most rust converters have a shelf life of 9 months. However, when stored properly, rust converters in both open and unopened containers can be used within 2 years from the purchase date.

When to Use Rust Converter?

Rust converters are ideal for ferrous and steel metal surfaces that have been highly degraded due to the rusting process. You can use a converter when using an alternative removal process such as sanding and grinding the rust off is not ideal. They are not only time-consuming but also likely to damage the metal. A rust converter bonds deeper and firmer with rust; hence it is perfect to use when the metal surface is highly corroded.
Remember, it is not ideal to use rust converters on galvanized surfaces that are barely rusted.

What is Rust Converter Made of?

Most rust converters are water-based and contain phosphoric acid and organic polymer in their active ingredients. However, some rust converters are made up of a formic acid formula to help reduce the toxicity of the product. The downside to this, though, is that formic acid is not as effective in reacting with rust as phosphoric acid such as tannic is.

Will Rust Converter Damage Car Paint?

Rust converters work well on surfaces that are 100 percent rust to allow them to cure fully. Therefore, using it on your car’s painted surface will not allow the rust converter to cure well. It will leave a sticky painted surface.
An area with a mix of original paint and rust is not ideal for rust converters. If you want to treat a mixed surface that has small rust spots surrounded by paint, it is advisable to use a rust remover instead and touch up the spots with paint afterward.

Is Rust Converter Heat Resistant?

No, rust converters are not heat resistant; hence shouldn’t be used on heated surfaces such as exhaust pipes or engine broilers. However, some users suggest using rust converters as preps for your surface and painting a Very High-Temperature paint on the surface.

Can You Weld Over Rust Converter?

No, welding will just burn off the converter you have put on the metal surface. Besides, the phosphate deposit from the converter will increase resistance against the weld. It is advisable to clean out the rust by grinding your metal until its silver shiny before welding it.

What Protective Equipment is Recommended when using A Rust Converter?

Rust converters, especially the acid-based ones such as Black Star Rust Converter, can irritate your skin and eyes. Therefore, you need to wear goggles and chemical resistant gloves. Besides, you need to use a proper face mask to avoid inhalation, especially when spraying the Corroseal 82331 onto surfaces.
Although most of the vapors from rust converter are not harmful, it is advisable to use them in a room that is well ventilated.

How to Remove Rust With Rust Converter: Step by Step

How to Remove Rust With Rust Converter
So, we have a wheel here that is pretty well covered in rust. But before we can apply the rust converter, we need to make sure we have the proper PPE on. To apply a rust converter, you should have protective gloves, eyewear, and proper ventilation.

Step 1. Remove the dirt

The first thing to do is remove any dirt, grit, loose rust flakes or scale. You can do this by using a wire brush. You don’t want to remove all rust, just what’s loose. Then, wipe the object clean before applying the product.

Step 2. Applying Rust Converter

You can apply it with a paint brush (buy it on Amazon). Rust converter does also come in two other formulas, a sprayable for airless and compression sprayers and an aerosol. To apply rust converter, pour some into a small container.
You don’t need a lot because if you have extra, the used rust converter can’t go back in the original container. Then, just dip the brush into the rust converter and use your brush to apply, coating the areas with rust.

Step 3. How many coats do you need to put on?

The paint-on version will require two coats. The other two formulas will require more. The spray-on version requires three coats, and the aerosol will actually require four.

Step 4. Drying

About how long does it take to dry before we can apply the second coat?
Drying time between coats will take about 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the conditions. Humidity and temperature will actually affect the drying time. Once it is dry enough for the second coat, it will change to a purplish hue, letting you know that it actually is ready for a second coat.

Step 5. Painting

Once the two coats of rust converter have been applied, the rust converter does need to cure to turn the rust into an inert black form. How long does that typically take?
That typically takes about 48 hours. After that, you can apply oil-based paint.

That’s it!

So overall, not too difficult or a time-consuming process. For cleanup, rust converter is water-based. All you need is soap and water to clean your brush or/and container if you plan on reusing them.

Make sure you dispose of any rust converter product you’ve poured out. Adding the used rust converter back into the original container will cause contamination.


There are plenty of options when it comes to picking the right rust converter, and some are certainly better than others. MRO Chem’s product that does not come in a spray can is one of the better options. And the best spray can product on this list, also, is the Black Star Aerosol. Both of these products have been tested again and again, and they show the most promise in everyday applications. All of these products are water-based, and they are easy to apply and clean up, so they can be used by anyone seeking an easy fix for rust.

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