Best Adhesive Remover – Buyer’s Guide

Creating a strong bond is essential when you are repairing a favorite coffee mug or sentimental gift.
Sometimes we need adhesive, wax, gum or sticker remover. Fixing the plastic cover around your dash lights can put your car back in shape and make it so you can clearly see the speedometer or oil gauge.

What is The Best Adhesive Remover?

3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner, 08987, 15 oz Net Wt
3M Specialty Adhesive Remover, 38987, 15 oz Net Wt
Goo Gone Original Adhesive Remover - 4 Ounce - Surface Safe...
62120105 - Brava Adhesive Remover Spray 1.7 oz. Bottle
Gets rid of stubborn, stickers, road tar, tree sap, and old adhesives, bugs, axle and bearing grease, excess paint, decals with years of sun exposure.
Gets rid of bumper sticker residue, tar, bird excrement, bug guts, and baked on messes.
Gets rid of crayons, tar, tape adhesives, and candle wax, sticky messes, model decals and stickers.
Safely and easily removes tape adhesive and dressing glues after a medical device, pick-line, or ostomy.
Editor's Choice
3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner, 08987, 15 oz Net Wt
Gets rid of stubborn, stickers, road tar, tree sap, and old adhesives, bugs, axle and bearing grease, excess paint, decals with years of sun exposure.
Best Automotive
3M Specialty Adhesive Remover, 38987, 15 oz Net Wt
Gets rid of bumper sticker residue, tar, bird excrement, bug guts, and baked on messes.
Best For Home
Goo Gone Original Adhesive Remover - 4 Ounce - Surface Safe...
Gets rid of crayons, tar, tape adhesives, and candle wax, sticky messes, model decals and stickers.
Best For Skin
62120105 - Brava Adhesive Remover Spray 1.7 oz. Bottle
Safely and easily removes tape adhesive and dressing glues after a medical device, pick-line, or ostomy.

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We spend hundreds of dollars each year on tapes, glues, and cement. What happens when you want to remove these materials? What do you do when you put too much bonding agent on your rear-view mirror and need to get rid of a glob of glue? Wiping it off is not an option, and neither is leaving it in place.

Best Adhesive Remover
When you shop for a way to get safely get rid of glues and the sticky residue of cement and tapes, you may come across numerous options. How do you know which product works best for your situation? Should you choose a spray remover? Would a tube of adhesive cleaner be better for carpet or glass? What do you do if you get the material on your fingers while you are working on a project? What cleaning agent is best for getting rid of tape residue when you have a medical ostomy or pick line?

When you have paint transfer on the bumper from a minor tap in a tight parking spot, then finding a safe material to use on your vehicle is crucial. Many cleaners are versatile and work for carpets, glass, vinyl, and paint. How much of this product should you keep around the house or in your garage? Which products clean up the leftover stickiness after you take a sticker off from the wall or the bottom of the bathtub?

Choosing the right product to take off duct tape residue safely might make your life simpler when you have to patch a Jeep window or your child’s favorite toy temporarily. If you are someone who dabbles in crafts like woodworking or home decor, then you already know how useful adhesive removers are for fixing spills and removing stickers from a garage sale and thrift store items. Clearance stickers on top of sale tags and multiple types of glue on a single item are a pain to clean up, but we think you will find our Top Five List helpful for these objects.

1. The Best Choice Ever: 3M 08987 General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner

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As a reputable manufacturer, 3M makes the top of our list because of taking the 25th spot on the top 100 Most Reputable Companies in 2018. Each year, the producer continues to make top ten and best of lists which is why the firm’s general-purpose remover is our Editor’s Choice for Best Adhesive Remover.

This cleaner is very versatile. You might find the aerosol container easy to use and store under the counter or on a garage shelf. If you intend to use this product often or in large quantities, then the one-quart container might be a better option. Either version of the general-purpose cleaner gets rid of stubborn, sticky messes like stickers, road tar, tree sap, and old adhesives.
  • Removes gooey debris and cleans many surfaces
  • Safe for most fabrics, vinyl, plastic, glass, metal, carpet, and vehicle finishes
  • Effective for taking off bugs, axle and bearing grease, excess paint, decals with years of sun exposure, and more
  • Penetrating formula
  • Acceptable for commercial use
  • Safe for everyday applications
  • Maintains vehicle finish while in the body shop
  • Requires time to penetrate for tough messes
  • May need a scraper to remove thick or stubborn adhesives

When you need a product that protects the finish of your classic car or your marble vase, the 3M General Purpose Cleaner carefully clears the surface and removes tacky materials. We recommend using this product in small areas less than six feet in size to get the best effect. Letting the cleaner penetrate the residue for two to three minutes may make cleanup easier. A plastic scraper and multiple applications might be necessary to get rid of tough or stubborn messes.

2. 3M 38987 Specialty – Automotive Adhesive Remover

3M Specialty Adhesive Remover, 38987, 15 oz Net Wt
  • Product removes reactive...
  • Reactive adhesives include...

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While the General Purpose Cleaner is effective for many messes, the 3M Specialty Adhesive Remover has a specific formula to rid your vehicle of epoxies, urethanes, and super glues. This product might be helpful if you have a car bra or inspection sticker you need to remove. When you are filling cracks and drop gooey messes on other parts of the vehicle, the spray adhesive cleaner quickly and effectively removes bonding agents and cohesive materials that will stick to anything they contact.

This solvent formula is 70 percent VOC compliant making it a safer product for the environment. When you have silicone caulks and sealers, this remover might be a good choice to safely remove the gooey mess from your car, truck, or van. 3M products might be beneficial for your business when you own a body shop or automotive firm because industrial use and professional-grade formulas are available for general and specialty use.
  • Removes bonding agents and materials requiring a catalyst to adhere
  • Works for adhesives in and on vehicles with constant sun exposure
  • Acceptable for use indoors when following manufacturer’s instructions
  • Gets rid of bumper sticker residue, tar, bird excrement, bug guts, and baked on messes
  • Should test for colorfastness on a small area or a hidden spot at first
  • May require two or more applications
  • Sticky debris on metal may require scrapers or razor blades to assist removal of stubborn adhesives
  • Needs plenty of ventilation and possibly a respirator for use indoors

When you seal a leaky window with silicone and spill some on your leather seats, then you might find the 3M Specialty Adhesive remover effective. We recommend trying the cleaner in a small spot at first to test for color safety. This solvent-based chemical remover breaks down the bond at the substrate level to safely lift the compound from the material and leaving you with a clean, smooth surface. 3M designates this product as a commercial item for use at home, but especially at the shop.

3. Goo Gone Original Four-ounce Goo and Adhesive Remover For Stickers, Tape, and Sticky Messes – Best for Home Use

Goo Gone Original Adhesive Remover - 4 Ounce - Surface Safe...
  • Works On - Stickers, candle...
  • Removes Stickers - Great for...

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What do you grab first when your child spills a bottle of glue on your antique coffee table? If you happen to drop a bottle of nail polish on the floor, then what do you do to get rid of the glitter and gloppy material on your carpet? Goo Gone Original Adhesive Remover might be your saving grace for sticky mess cleanups. This diverse product is effective for use on marker drawings little ones sneakily create on your fresh new walls and for cleaning up gum from your granite countertops.

When you find unknown blobs sticking to your hardwood floors, then Goo Gone might be a helpful product to get rid of the mess and leave your wood intact and clean. This remover is safe for many surfaces including fabric, ceramic, stone, metal, and other materials inside and outside of the home. Tree sap is a common outdoor mess you will find in your backyard. You might find this product beneficial when you need to restore outdoor patio furniture and umbrella canvas with dry sap baked on from sun exposure.
  • Effective for use on crayons, tar, tape adhesives, and candle wax
  • Safe for most any home surface
  • Returns surfaces to original finish
  • Cleans and removes sticky messes
  • Removes model decals and stickers
  • Pleasant odor
  • Variety of size options
  • May leave an oily residue on some materials
  • No aerosol formula

When you need a handy product to keep close for accidental spills because your family likes to craft, then Goo Gone is easy to grab in a hurry. The convenient plastic bottle easily fits in the side of a cabinet or pocket in a shoe organizer in your craft room. You can keep this product at the ready in the laundry room when you consistently find gum and tar on your shoes after your morning run. It might also come in handy for those mysterious sticky messes you find on your child’s uniform after baseball or soccer practice.

You can also find Goo Gone in our Silicone Removers – Guide For Buyers!

We recommend using the remover to clean up sports equipment that tends to get sticky and gooey after sitting in the yard all summer long. We also like it for taking road tar off from the bumper of the car after going on a lengthy road trip. You may want to keep a bottle of this remover in the garage and the house if you tend to use adhesive removers often. This product might be especially helpful when traveling in humid areas where road debris is more likely to stick to the vehicle. You can quickly store the Goo Gone in the trunk or side pocket of your car or minivan.

4. Brava Adhesive Remover Spray 1.7-ounce bottle – Best for Removing Adhesive from Skin

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When you have a medical device, pick-line, or ostomy, this product can safely and easily remove tape adhesive and dressing glues. Little ones with medical conditions requiring the use of a central line might have an easier time when you use this product to ease sticky coverings from wounds, sutures, and internal lines. Because this solution does not sting, children are less likely to feel worried and stress when using this product multiple times.

This remover does not sting or irritate the skin. Brava Adhesive Remover has a gentle formula that you might find easy to apply with the spray bottle. When you need sticky residues clean from the skin to add a new bandage and ensure it sticks as long as you need, then this product might be the best medical adhesive remover on our list. It does not prohibit new bandage adhesion.
  • Dries fast to speed up bandage changes
  • Will not burn or sting the skin
  • Silicone-based formula
  • Dissolves residual stickiness from medical appliance coverings and wound bandages
  • May be pricey for the 1.7-ounce amount

When you need a convenient, easy to carry a product that fits into a diaper bag, purse, or backpack, then you might find the Brava Adhesive Remover a perfect option. This small spray bottle does not take up much more room than a travel size deodorant or hair spray bottle, so it will not weigh down bags already full of medical supplies and necessities. We recommend this product for everyday use and for wounds that need regular dressing changes. We think it is a handy product to keep in your first aid kit and bathroom medicine cabinet.

5. OIL SLICK Beach Tar Remover Spray – Safe on Skin – Best Eco-Friendly Product

No products found.

When you want an all-natural product to use at home or at work, then we think you might prefer the OIL SLICK Beach Tar Remover Spray. This product utilizes compounds from plant materials to safely and effectively remove sticky messes. You can use this product on adhesives, wax, gum, and many other gooey films and adhesives.

When you have small children or pets you want to protect, then you might find this glue and adhesive remover helpful. If your child likes to plaster stickers in the most inconvenient places, then you may like the way the OIL SLICK Beach Tar Remover Spray takes off the icky, messy film and leaves your bathroom mirror, kitchen cabinets, and new washer and dryer clean.
  • No petrochemicals
  • 100 percent guarantee for life
  • Safe for most fabrics
  • Removes wax, gum, and crayons
  • Not for use on all carpets
  • Requires laundering after application to remove leftover residue

We recommend choosing the GoopAway for the times when you need an environmentally safe product. You might like this remover for indoor use when you have little ventilation or air movement. The odor from this adhesive remover is less likely to irritate the senses when you use this product since it only contains plant ingredients. This remover may take several uses and a little extra elbow grease if you find a tough stain that is deep.

Best Adhesive Remover – Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right product for your home, office, or automotive business may not seem like a big deal, but it can be important. When you are dealing with cleaning adhesives and glues from the skin or picking a cleaner to take super glue off from a luxury sports car that does not belong to you, then a clear choice is much more important. We recommend thinking about the ways you will use your adhesive remover to help you decide which product to purchase first. You may find that you want to keep two or three of these removers accessible so that you can clean up a variety of messes. We recommend all of our readers take advantage of the Brava Adhesive Remover and keep it in your medical supply kit.

What is the healthiest alternative in case of medical issues?

When your child or a family member has a lifelong health issue or suffers an accident, then bandages and tapes are going to be a part of your life. Removing the old, sticky mess from IV dressings and bandages is necessary for cleaning the skin and prepping it for more coverings. The Brava Adhesive Remover is safe and comfortable for continuous use. This product is not irritating and will make it easier for your family member to deal with when it comes time to change dressings and clear up old tape adhesive. The best part is it does not sting, so children do not shy away from the use of the gentle spray to clean up tape residue.

Which glue remover is best for my car and the house?

When you want a regular cleaning agent that you can use for many reasons inside and outside of the home, then we suggest using the 3M 08987 General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner. This product has a wide range of applications helping you save money on buying several items for each area of use. The manufacturer suggests wiping this remover while it is still wet for the best results. We recommend applying a liberal coat of the cleaner and reapplying the product if you need to walk away or cannot get back to it while it is wet.

Which product is best when you need something to clean up hobby glue?

If you craft handmade items for sale, then you want a glue remover that can clean up multiple adhesives when you work with wood, glass, and fabrics. The Goo Gone Original and GoopAway 100% Natural are our recommendations for this particular situation. We like these cleaners for the overall variety of materials they safely clean. Versatility is a helpful advantage of these two removers letting you get Modge Podge off from your stained glass windows or crayons out of the needlepoint creation you are planning to gift for a charity event.

Do I need to wash the materials after I use an adhesive remover?

The Goo Gone and GoopAway can leave a residual material that needs cleaning after using the compound. The 3M cleaners and the Brava Adhesive Remover are cleaners and cleaners leaving surfaces or skin clear of any film or residue. We suggest choosing the appropriate product by determining if you can wash the material you want to remove the glue from before your purchase.

How can I be sure my car is safe when I need to remove stickers or decals?

By using the 3M 38987 Specialty Adhesive Remover, you know your vehicle is safe as long as you test the product in an inconspicuous area before applying it to an area with more visibility. When you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use, this remover is very effective for automotive applications. 3M makes this remover to use in commercial businesses meaning it will be safe and effective for use on your personal vehicle. We like that you can use this compound at home since the industrial formula is effective for both areas.

When you want to remove old, sticky messes, we suggest you consider all the ways you will use adhesive remover and how often you plan to apply the cleaner or glue dissolving agent. If you want to use it many times or for a broad range of ideas, then buying a quart of general-purpose cleaner like our Editor’s Choice pick can be the best selection for your situation. We give you clear choices for medical and automotive use to help you decide which removal applications are the most beneficial for you. You can always add a few of these products over time to your home or garage as you want.

For example, when you know you have an upcoming surgery and will need a few dressing changes each day, then stocking up on the Brava Adhesive remover might be an excellent idea. If your car has a lot of old bumper stickers from honor roll years or college days, then you can buy a quart of the 3M Specialty Adhesive Remover or the Goo Gone to help you dissolve the messy backing and get your car clean and clear.


These adhesive removing products are helpful for many reasons and materials, but they do not apply to every fabric, carpet, or application. We suggest reading all materials from the manufacturer including the ingredients, application use, reapplication, cleaning, and material list before testing a small area to see if the product will work for you. When you are unsure of product use, then you can call the manufacturer and ask questions before you spend any money on the product. For instance, a question about suede clothing and bearing grease might not be easy to answer without a call to the creator. We hope this Top Five Best Adhesive Remover Buyer’s Guide gives you the basic information you need to decide which products are best for your situation.

How To Remove Glue From Clothes?

Remember to check fabric care labels or manufacturer’s guidelines, and test a small area before using a product or natural solution.
Glues have different bases, so the way to treat stains will depend upon the type of glue. If in doubt, contact the manufacturer of the glue for advice.
The following advice is best for cleaning animal and fish-based glue. Allow the glue to dry completely before attempting to clean, so you don’t end up spreading the glue further. Use either a stiff-bristled brush or a blunt object like the end of a spoon, to scrape off anything you can.
Take a bowl of cold water and submerge the clothing completely. Leave it to soak overnight. This should help to soften the glue enough to make it easier to remove the following day. Remove the clothing from the cold water, and immediately apply a small amount of neat liquid laundry detergent. Try Persil Small and Mighty. Use the eraser ball to massage the stain. Now, all you need to do is put the clothing into the washing machine, preferably in a warm rather than hot setting, and your laundry detergent.