J-B Weld – World’s Strongest Bond

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J-B Weld Inc. is an international, employee-owned company founded in Sulphur Springs, Texas that manufactures adhesives and sealants. It has been in business for over 40 years.
J-B Weld - World's Strongest Bond 1
J-B Weld Inc. is a part of the Commercial Real Estate Management Industry and markets its products here in the United States. J-B Weld Inc. prides itself on having established an avidly devoted customer base composed of people to whom doing a good job is vital.


Sam and Mary Bonham formed the J-B Weld Company back in 1969. It all began when Sam found that he required a “cold weld” product for use in his machine shop, rather than using the customary torch welding. Joining his efforts with a Texas A&M chemist, he conceived the idea of an innovative “tougher than steel” two-part epoxy and called it J-B Weld.
Well, the product took off and it wasn’t long before Sam and Mary moved from peddling the product out of their car across Texas to have it featured in stores worldwide.

Along with every state here in the U.S., the company has its products for sale in 27 other countries. The company’s goal, is, was and always be saving their customers money. The estimated annual revenue of J-B Weld is $35 million. The company’s home office is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

J-B Weld Today

Making a Strong Brand Even Better

In 2008 the company was bought by private investors who had as their leader the current CEO and President, Chip Hanson. In order to satisfy the present-day needs of its customers, within several years, the company expanded the product line to include new adhesives for plastic, wood, metal and general use.

Their innovations have also included items such as threadlockers, adhesives, epoxy putty sticks, and certain specialty products. They claim to create the world’s most powerful bond for your repair needs. Furthermore, they have broadened their retail partnerships to enable them to reach out to still more customers.
The company also states that presently, J-B Weld products can be found in some of the largest automotive, home improvement, hardware, and big-box stores in the world.


Among the products which the company offers are gasket markers, thread lockers, silicon sealants, and various other products.

J-B Weld

J-B Weld 8281 UxODgJ Professional Size Steel Reinforced Epoxy...
  • JB WELD Is The Original Cold...

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This is the company’s premium and original product: it is described as a distinctive, high-temperature epoxy adhesive the purpose of which is to bond materials together. It can be used on surfaces from porcelain, ceramic, metal, glass, ABS, PVC, concrete, marble, fiberglass, wood, paper or even fabric.
J-B Weld is acid-resistant, water-resistant, and petroleum/chemical-resistant. It can further withstand shock, extreme temperatures, and vibration. It has the ability to hold up under a constant temperature of 500 degrees F (260 degrees C), with the maximum temperature threshold at approximately 600 degrees F (316 degrees C) for 10 minutes.

J-B Weld comes in 2 individual tubes: the “steel” (black tube containing resin) and the “hardener” (red tube). Mix equal amounts from each tube. In order to obtain the strongest bond, sandpaper should be used to roughen surfaces.

Caution: Do not powder coat. This product doesn’t combine with powder coat. This is because the powder coat frequently cures at 400 degrees F. If J-B Weld and aluminum are heated together, they are going to expand at differing rates, providing a finish that will be uneven.

Is J-B Weld more powerful than welding? The answer is No. This product is a fantastic filler and can even be used for casting small parts, it is nowhere near as strong as metal that is welded. Understand this and do not expect the same results from this product as from welding.
This product contains about 50-60% of the strength of aluminum. It will turn a dark grey color after it has set, which can take anywhere from 15-24 hours. It can even be put on in layers if it is necessary. All that’s required is that you wait up to 8 hours before reapplying it.

This product is able to make lasting repairs to multiple surfaces, including metal. It creates a permanent bond and allows for further shaping, sanding, etc. after it is cured. But this is not a claim that the product works on everything that exists out there. Some of the things it will not bond to vinyl, leather, or any rubber surfaces.

It has been stated, however, that even though J-B Weld is very powerful, it works better on bonding metal rather than paper and fiberglass.
While J-B Weld may be super strong it is not toxic, however, accidental consumption of the product should be treated in the emergency room.

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J-B Kwik Epoxy

J-B Weld 8281 UxODgJ Professional Size Steel Reinforced Epoxy...
  • JB WELD Is The Original Cold...

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Like its predecessor, J-B Kwick is a two-part epoxy, used as either a filler or an adhesive, that can endure through medium-temperatures (up to 300 degrees F or 149 degrees C). While it cures a lot faster, it is not as strong and cannot withstand the amount of heat as the original product.
This product will bond surfaces made from iron, copper, aluminum, steel, brass, pewter, bronze, porcelain, ceramic, glass, wood, PVC, ABS, marble, concrete, fiberglass, paper, or fabric. Plus, it is waterproof, acid-resistant, petroleum/chemical-resistant, shock-resistant, resists vibration and extreme temperatures.

There are also further original products in J-B Stik (epoxy putty), Waterweld (underwater filler/adhesive), and several others.
While these products have been thoroughly tested and approved, it is highly recommended that you follow high-quality practices to obtain the best results possible.

That’s why to do its job properly you need to follow the instructions on the package closely before you attempt to use J-B Weld Epoxy.

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J-B Weld Stik

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This product is a steel-reinforced epoxy putty adhesive/sealant which is also kneadable by hand. You can use it to plug holes and make repairs on both wet and dry surfaces. These repairs will be permanent. It will actually harden even if it is submerged in water or gasoline!
J-B Stik will be thoroughly cured in 20-30 minutes; and furthermore, you can sand it, drill it, tap, or paint and it will still hold up just fine. This product is also good for use on exhaust systems, manifolds, and certain engine components that usually maintain a temperature of over 500 degrees F.

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J-B Weld Muffler and Exhaust Repair

These products were created to ensure they would last through the extremely high temperatures of modern exhaust systems. This set of products includes a Metal Strapping Kit, MufflerWeld, Tailpipe & Pipe Repair Wrap, Muffler Patch, ExtremeHeat Metallic Paste, Ultra-Heat Wrap, and Exhaust System Sealant.

JB Weld Tips

Latest News

On December 15, 2012, Caltius Mezzanine closed a $20.2 million investment deal with J-B Weld. The company was described as creates, promotes, sells, and distributes a line of cold-weld epoxy adhesives to the hardware and automotive markets.
The monies from the investment were put towards refinancing the company’s current debt and enabling management to repurchase shares sold to outside investors. In the papers relating to the deal, J-B Weld was spoken of in the highest terms and given glowing praise for its success.
On December 12, 2019, the manufacturer of “MUFFLER WELD,” was granted a preliminary injunction by a federal district court in New Haven, Connecticut, preventing the manufacturer of “MufflerWeld” — J-B Weld from marketing or selling its product.

What this boils down to is that the court found that J-B Weld attempted to the trade-off of the reputation of the “MUFFLER WELD” product, which has a long history of success, and used the “MufflerWeld” mark in bad faith. While the company is successful in its own right, the “MUFFLER WELD” product was in existence prior to the creation of the “MufflerWeld” item and had an established and respected reputation which caused the J-B Weld company to usurp its brand name in an attempt to raise the profile and profits of their new brand.

It was further determined that by using the trademark “MufflerWeld” brand the offending company, J-B Weld had already cost the original “MUFFLER WELD” a loss of income, due to the fact that it was proven that at least one customer discontinued using the “MUFFLER WELD” brand of products and began using the J-B Weld company’s “MufflerWeld” items instead.

The company unsuccessfully argued that they had not in effect stolen or appropriated the “MUFFLER WELD” brand as their brand “MufflerWeld” was written without a space between the two words. It denied any capability intentional or otherwise in harming the original brand or its makers and claimed innocence as far as stealing the brand name goes.

This is essentially the only negative information available concerning the company J-B Weld. It is not known if the company will pursue further legal action, or will abide by the decision of this court.

The products themselves are not in question as far as high quality and dependability go. Customer reviews have been excellent, complaints few, and it is generally believed that this company is a reputable company.