Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue 4 gr

Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue
  • Rubber-toughened, instant...
  • Ideal for metal, rubber,...

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Dishwasher safe glue for glass from our TOP 6 glue for glass review.

My Opinion

This is Loctite Super Glue and I’ve been buying this for a while now basically because of the dispenser for this. I’ve used super glue. I’ve used Gorilla Glue. I’ve used every sort of a super glue that’s out there, and I really can’t tell the difference in the quality of super glue. They all seem to glue the same. What is different is the application methods, and this one by Loctite is the favorite one that I’ve found so far. This one is empty, so I had to go out and buy another one, but I just wanted to show you how it works.

So, you’ve got a cap here and the thing I like about the cap is that it never gets stuck on the super glue container, which is nice. But also why I like it is that when you’re using this, it’s not going to come out. If you do this, you can’t squeeze the bottle. It’s a very rigid bottle. The way you get the glue to come out is by squeezing the sides in and then that releases a slow but steady stream of super glue right where you want it because the application tip is so small and you just do that. And then when you’re done, you release the handles and it stops flowing.

Another reason why I like this one rather than some other applicators that I’ve tried is that a lot of time, I end up wasting super glue because I can’t get the stuff in the bottom out or the top clogs before I can use it all. But with this one, this bottle is completely empty. There is nothing left in it. So, this particular method to me seems ideal. Now, I have tried single-use super glue applications and those work really good too. I like those, except for that the flow isn’t controlled like this one is and they tend to be more expensive. So, you get a four-pack of single-use and for the amount of glue you get, you’re paying a lot more. So, not only do I find the applicator nicer on this one, I think it ends up being more economical.

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